South Africa Hunting Safari with African Dreams Hunting

African Dreams Hunting Safaris would like to invite you to Dark Africa to live and experience what only a select few hunting enthusiasts have ever experienced and many have dreamt of. With experienced professional hunters and access some of the best areas in Zimbabwe bordering the Sikumbi Forest reserve and Hwange National park in Southern Matabeleland, we offer a safari hunting experience of a lifetime. Track buffalo through the dense mopani and listen to the call of jackal and hyena in the distance while enjoying a hard earned cold one next to the camp fire.


Bordering the incredible Hwange National Park to the west means that large herds of Elephant, Buffalo and Sable move to the South into our concessions and get fed with an abundance of game. Friendly staff, experienced hunting guides and an abundance of high-quality game that you are guaranteed to go home with. We do not target low-density areas on our hunts and put in the time and effort before our guests’ arrival to research our hunting areas and to make sure that you get the dangerous game hunting experience that you came for.


Zimbabwe is open for all big game hunting and with a vast open unfenced area, we hunt the way that hunting is supposed to be done. We pride ourselves on a fair chase approach and offer Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard and plains game.


African Dreams Hunting Safaris has tailor-made packages to fit your budget and your expectations. If Zimbabwe is not exactly what you are looking for we offer amazing trophy hunting in the Freestate and Limpopo provinces of South Africa

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Zimbabwe Hunting


Flying into Zimbabwe from either Cape Town International Airport or Cape Town gives you the feeling of adventure. You will be greeted by the amazing African kindness by all ground staff and as you walk through the gate we will be waiting there to start an African Hunting Safari of a lifetime.


Sikumbi Forest Reserve area is a short 2 hours drive from Victoria Falls airport. Fitting snuggly between the Gwai river and the Hwange National park this is an area thriving with great Elephant and Buffalo. Don’t be surprised if you find that Eighty Pounder on your hunting safari.

This dense mopani bushveld is known to deliver exceptional buffalo hunting with large herds moving through the area trying to stay ahead of prides of lions. Herds of Elephant move in and out of the area but due to water being available all year round watering holes they tend to hang around.


Zimbabwe remains one of the best hunting countries in Africa. With untouched wilderness with no fences and only African bush as far as the eye can see, this means our clients get exactly what they are looking for in terms of that old African feel. Not only do we deliver on atmosphere and experience but the trophy quality in this area is of a very high standard.

South Africa Hunting

With over 17 different concessions throughout South Africa ranging from flat plains hunting areas in the Freestate to the Mopani bushveld in Limpopo. Each concession has its own unique atmosphere and feel and each area sets it apart from the others and also holds different species of game. The concessions all vary with different accommodations ranging from basic yet comfortable to 5-star lodge accommodation in the middle of the African bush.


The majority of our Limpopo concessions border the greater Kruger National park and with no fences separating the areas offers our hunters a true fair chase free range hunting in South Africa.


Each of our concessions is special in its own way. We choose the concession that best matches the animals you will be hunting and the style of hunt you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to pack for your safari hunting trip?

For your comfort we would suggest packing at least the following for your African Hunting Safari:


  • 2 Belts.
  • Sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 20.
  • Wide brim hat.
  • Swimming trunks.
  • Camo clothing.
  • Warm jacket as nights can be cool.
  • Comfortable walking boots.
  • Spare boots.
  • Spare shoe laces.
  • Personal medication including malaria medication.
  • Camera and camcorders. Note: DVD hunts available on request.
  • Clothes for before and after the safari.

All the above can be found at Safari Supplies for the best deals.

What does the day rate include?

Your day rate will include the following for your hunting safaris in South Africa and Zimbabwe:


  • Accommodation in our tented camp
  • Laundry service.
  • All meals.
  • All liquor and beverages served in camp.
  • Licensed Professional Hunter with own vehicle
  • Trackers and Skinners.

What does the day rate exclude?

Your day rate for hunting in South Africa and Zimbabwe will not include the following:


  • Accommodation prior to and after the Safari.
  • Dipping, packing and shipping of trophies to final destination.
  • Rifle hire.
  • Permit fees where applicable.
  • Specially requested imported food and drinks.
  • Airport transfers.

Some tips if you want to bring your own firearm.

  • Firearm permits are issued upon arrival at OR Thambo or Victoria Falls.
  • We will provide you with an invitation letter once the daily rates are paid.
  • No semi-automatic rifles are permitted.
  • Handgun hunts require special permits.
  • Bow hunts require special permits.
  • We do have hunting rifles available to hire.

Complete the temporary firearm import permit application (SAP520) in advance (if possible) and bring it with you. It is important to note that the form must be completed in black ink and must remain unsigned until the document is finalized in front of the police official issuing the actual permit at the airport.

If you do not wish to travel with your own firearms, you are welcome to make use of one of the rifles of the professional hunter accompanying you. They have a selection of appropriate calibers available.


  • Valid passport
  • Return airline ticket
  • Letter of invitation from your hunting outfitter(s)
  • Completed SAP 520 Form (Not signed – must be signed in front of the official)
  • Proof of ownership (CBP Form 4457- Certificate of Registration for personal effects taken abroad)
  • Proof of export from country of origin (CBP Form 4457- Certificate of Registration for personal effects take abroad)
  • Letter of motivation (A letter written by yourself to motivate why you wish to import rifles)


The following firearms and ammunition will not be allowed to enter South Africa:

  • Any automatic or semi-automatic firearms
  • More than one firearm per caliber per person
  • More than 200 rounds of ammunition per person per firearm
  • Any pistol or revolver (unless specified for hunting)


  • If you have any of the above-mentioned firearms and/or ammunition
  • If any of the supporting documents as required cannot be produced
  • If you are less than 21 years of age

Your application for a temporary import permit will be refused and your firearms and ammunition will be confiscated and will only be handed back to you when you depart back to your country of residence.

Please take note that only the Central Firearm Registrar in Pretoria, South Africa can authorize special applications for the above restrictions. These applications have to be made in advance and must reach them no later than 3 (three) weeks before your arrival. You will need a special motivation letter for this.



  1. Disembark from aircraft and clear passport control in whichever terminal the flight arrives. (Generally SAA and its co-partners at Terminal 2, and all other airlines at Terminal 1)
  2. Proceed to baggage claim at the respective carousel. Pick up general baggage. Your firearms will be delivered directly to the SAPS firearms office.
  3. For visitors with firearms arriving at Terminal 2:
    Proceed to the SAPS Firearms Office. Look for office signs. Location of the SAPS Firearms Office in Terminal 2 – in front of the Post Office.
    For visitors with firearms arriving at Terminal 1:
    Proceed to the firearm office that is situated in Terminal 2 in front of the Post Office.
  4. On arrival at the SAPS Firearm Office, collect your issued temporary import permit at the PHASA desk or have the necessary documentation available for inspection.
  5. Your firearms and ammunition will be physically inspected to ensure that the serial numbers match those of the licenses and the application forms. You will then be asked to wait while your application is being processed – if you are not already in possession of an issued temporary importation permit.
  6. When your application has been processed and your permit has been issued, you will have to sign for the permit. If you are connecting to other flights, please make sure that you allow ample time for this process (at least 3 hours).


Insurance and Indemnities.

All reasonable precautions to ensure the good health and safety of clients will be taken. African Dreams Hunting or its affiliates do not however accept any liability for injuries, illness, accidents or losses sustained whilst on a hunting safari with us. We strongly recommend that you contact your Care Provider and ensure that your Insurance Cover will cover and protect you against any risk or medical emergency you may encounter. Read more on preparing for you Safari in Africa

Information relevant to the dipping, shipping and mounting of trophies in South Africa.

We do not have any financial interests either directly or indirectly related to taxidermy, either in South Africa or internationally. We are, however, tasked with the permits and documentation for the exportation of your trophies. Trophies can be shipped from Southern Africa either raw or mounted. In the case of a raw shipment, it will be sent to a taxidermist of your choice in your country of origin after being thoroughly treated by a South African taxidermist. The regulations and procedures for exporting vary depending on the species hunted.

We work closely with Kruger Taxidermy for the mounting of trophies in South Africa and for raw preparation. Please click HERE for pricing


  1. Only one client per crate.
  2. Trophies must remain in South Africa for a minimum of 90 days before shipping.
  3. Warthogs can cause a delay in shipping if the state veterinarian of the area is not available to issue transport permits.
  4. Many problems are currently encountered with delays in the issuing of permits by the relevant government agencies – please bear with us.
  5. Please note that these taxidermy rates are quoted in US Dollars and that the exchange rate may change.
  6. Shipping costs can only be finalized by the time trophies are dropped off.
  7. Payment of a deposit to the taxidermist will ensure that your work goes on the production line.
  8. No raw rodents may be exported.
  9. Warthog must be packed in a separate crate.
  10. Raw and processed products can not be shipped together