Hunting Freestate

Tucked away between the hills situated just 16km outside of Aliwal North, Kareedal is a family-owned piece of land filled with breathtaking Free state sunsets and roaming wildlife for you to enjoy. 

The hunting area is the product of the merging of three lands: Manitoba, Vuurenskraal and Goude Trouw. Named after the indigenous “Karee” tree, it’s name comes from the original Khoi word for mead as it was once an important ingredient for honey beer. Come enjoy the sweet joy of the outdoors, be it the sunsets, the wildlife, trekking, mountain biking or hunting. African Dreams Hunting Safaris invites you to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Free State grasslands.

The region was initially populated, centuries ago by the hunter-gatherers Khoi-San tribes. Evidence of this can be seen today where Bushmen imprinted their paintings on the rock faces under which they used to take shelter. In the early 1800s hardy European settlers, including French Huguenots, moved into the area. The historic city of Graaff-Reinet, a 2h drive from the hunting concession, concentrates some of their heritage.

The winters are dry and cold, however, sub-zero nights remain exceptional. The summers are hot interspersed with thunderstorms. This hunting area enjoys a minimum of 300 days of sun per year.

African Dreams Hunting Safaris can provide quality hunting safaris in Eastern Cape, South Africa. A client can expect the same top-notch service, accommodation, and attention to detail that has become our benchmark in throughout Africa. If hunting in the Freestate is at the top of your menu, a full and detailed quotation is yours for the asking

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