Hunting Limpopo

Situated in the heart of South Africa’s Limpopo Province, African Dreams Hunting Safaris has some of the very best hunting dark Africa has to offer and the best news is it is South Africa. Our top priority with each and every guest’s arrival is to fulfill their dreams of hunting in the purist most honest and honorable way possible.

Some of our areas are in excess of 22 000ha and it is not always feasible to hunt from camp. So we will use a spot and stalk approach. We might drive with the 4×4 till we find fresh tracks and pursue on foot, or we will be lucky and spot the game from the truck before they spot us and get off to begin the stalk. We cater to all hunters by offering a wide variety of plains game, as well as all of the Big 5, with an emphasis on Cape Buffalo hunting.

All of our hunts are conducted in a legal and ethical manner, with safety being a priority throughout the trip. We will never instruct any hunter to shoot from a vehicle. This is not an ethical way to conduct trophy hunting though some circumstances might dictate that the vehicle be used as a tool to hunt, this is by no means the way that we as an outfit conduct trophy hunts.

This is South African hunting in its purest form, on a property that offers you a fair chase hunt with no breeding camps, no ear tags, no colour variants and no canned/pseudo hunting. Hunting in South Africa does not get better than this. Our hunts are in the style of safaris from years gone by, which were described by famous authors and dreamt about by many. Hunting is our passion and what African Dreams Hunting is all about. African Dreams Hunting Safaris has one goal and that’s to offer it’s clients high quality rifle and bow hunting safaris at affordable rates, whether you are a seasoned hunter or a greenhorn.

This achieved by personalized service and tailor made hunting safaris to every client. By keeping our hunting parties down to an intimate size of maximum 6 hunters we can ensure that each hunter has a successful and enjoyable African Hunting Safari. Observers or non-hunters are encouraged to join this family/friends hunting vacation. We offer a wide variety of sightseeing / day trips in combination with the hunting. Photographic tours are also offered to the Kruger National Park and surrounding areas.

Black Wildebeest








Blue Wildebeest








Greater Kudu


Red Hartebeest






Common Rheedbuck


Cape Eland






Buffalo Bull – Up to 42″




Grey Rheedbuck




Mountain Rheedbuck




Buffalo Cow




Livingston Eland